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Together We Will


 Welcome to Together We Will, a new campaign to support you to be active and stay active with your friends and family.

British Blind Sport has come together with the National Disability Sports Organisations and English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS), supported by Sport England to encourage disabled people to be more active.

Together We Will aims to support you to become healthier, stronger and have fun being active.

At British Blind Sport we’re passionate about supporting blind and partially sighted children and adults to be more active and play sport. Sport and recreational activities can enhance the lives of people with visual impairments by improving their health, mental wellbeing, confidence and social interaction. Alongside delivering our own events, we work with sport providers and partner organisations to ensure that blind and partially sighted people have the same opportunities as sighted people to access and enjoy sport and physical activities. 

Over the next three months we’ll be sharing stories from disabled people, about how and where they enjoy being active with friends and family. We'll also help you to find useful information that can support you to be more active.  Remember, as well as helping us be happy and healthy, being active is a great social activity. It can help you meet people, make friends and give your sense of well-being a big boost.

 Information and resources

Learn more about how British Blind Sport can help you to become healthier, stronger and have fun being active

Find out about the benefits of membership of British Blind Sport

If you are a sport provider, check out our educational resources to help you support blind and partially sighted people

Events and activities

Our Events page lists lots of sport and recreational activities throughout the UK

Joining the conversation on social media

Share your stories and show us how you’re being active with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter using #TogetherWeWill.

Keep up to date with everything happening at British Blind Sport via facebook and twitter

Find out more about the National Disability Sports Organisations

Together We Will is brought to you by the National Disability Sports Organisations (NDSOs) in partnership with EFDS and is supported by Sport England.

British Blind Sport and the other NDSOs are a great starting point for many disabled people who want to be more active. They provide advice, support and opportunities for people of all ages with specific impairments. Find out more.