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Corporate Support

Can your business make a visible difference through sport?

There are numerous ways your organisation can help British Blind Sport. Below are just some examples:

  • Charity of the year or charity partnership

A partnership with BBS is an ideal way to motivate employees by working together towards a common goal as well as achieving your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategic aims. It can help boost morale, motivate staff and above all have some fun whilst making a difference to people’s lives at the same time!

  • Fundraising activities

Fundraising for British Blind Sport provides excellent team-building opportunities and offers a fantastic way for staff to get to know each other more and bond in a non-work environment, whilst fulfilling a collective sense of achievement

  • Donate gifts in kind

Your organisation will undoubtedly have product, supplies or services that British Blind Sport does not have. As a charity, we rely on support from a number of companies and individuals who kindly donate their products and services as a gift to the charity. Could you help us in any way?

  • Sponsorship

There are various sponsorship opportunities available throughout the year. From high profile VI sporting competitions to gala dinners and drinks receptions; tailored packages can be devised to suit your company and maximise the impact of your sponsorship

  • Payroll

Payroll Giving is an easy way to support British Blind Sport. Your staff decide to make a donation, direct from their salaries before they pay tax. This means that for every £5 donation, only £3.90 is taken from the individuals pay – the taxman pays the rest, so it’s a win-win!

Some “quick win” ideas like these are fun, easy fundraisers!

  • Sweepstake (Grand National, Sporting tournaments, Eurovision)
  • Dress down days (come to work in your sports gear as your sporting hero, or just wear casual clothes)
  • Sponsored events (runs, walks, cycles, climbs, you name it you can do it for BBS!)
  • Blind sports events (simulated visual impairment can raise awareness as well as money)
  • Collection tins (you can have one in your office, have a swear box, or just for any loose change - it'll soon add up!)