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I am British Blind Sport

On the eve of the Paralympic Games, disabled sport is once again in the spotlight and Rio will be a showcase for the pinnacle of disabled sport. A number of visually impaired (VI) athletes will be part of Paralympics GB and achieving great things throughout the Paralympic fortnight.

Often a VI athlete’s journey to the Paralympics starts with British Blind Sport (BBS), the grassroots charity that aims to increase the number of sporting opportunities for blind and visually impaired people throughout the UK. In order to raise awareness of the work it does, BBS is launching its “I am British Blind Sport” campaign that aims to highlight its members, staff, volunteers and ambassadors and demonstrate just what is possible for VI and blind people within the sporting arena.

Countless sports are available to try through BBS – from archery to football; swimming to ten pin bowling. Events take place and there are numerous inclusive clubs throughout the country - no matter what your experience or ability, blind and VI people are encouraged to get in touch with BBS and find out more.

“I am British Blind Sport” will be a six week campaign with online articles about a variety people with sight loss who take part in sport, how it’s improved their lives and why they think it’s a worthwhile hobby to start. The articles will range from men to women, girls and boys and will be shared on the BBS website, Facebook and Twitter, so keep an eye out for these inspirational tales as they begin next week.

For more details about BBS or how to get involved, please contact 01926 42 42 47 or