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Running the Regency 10k Run 2014 for BBS

I have never run competitively before, although I used to enjoy running as a way of keeping fit. However, 2009 started a three year rollercoaster for me in which I lost twins and another baby in pregnancy. I finally gave birth to my gorgeous little girl at the end of 2011 but I had lost my belief in myself and my body’s ability to do what it was physically meant to. So when the opportunity came up this year to run for British Blind Sport in the Regency 10k I knew it would be a challenge. I had not put trainers on in over four years and my first run in February was 3 miles and it took me nearly 40 minutes. It was a first attempt but the competitive streak in me wasn’t happy! If I was doing this, I was going to do it as well as I could.

Sarah with her medal in front of 3 children.So I trained and I pushed myself and I got down to 9 minute miles! But more than that. I overcame a huge mental hurdle: I started to believe in myself again. To believe in my body and the fact it could do something physical and it could succeed. The race itself wasn’t my fastest 10k, but it was so wonderful to be cheered on by everyone there including my precious little girl who was waiting for me at the finish.

I am not claiming to know what it is like to live with being blind or visually impaired but I do know that British Blind Sport do incredible work to ensure these physical barriers are removed when it comes to achieving and excelling in sport. And sometimes we all need someone to push us forward so we can believe in ourselves.

Sarah Windrum – Emerald IT