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Ultra fit Mandy Bansal completed the gruelling and infamous Marathon Des Sables for British Blind Sport in April. The "toughest race on the planet" is 6 marathons in 6 days... in the Sahara desert. 

Mandy explains the toughest elements of the challenge, "It was a completely alien environment and one that no amount of training could prepare me for. The sand was obviously everywhere and to try and run that distance every day on that terrain made it even tougher than I could possibly have imagined." However, it was an experience she would never forget and she described it as the best thing she's ever done. 

Her efforts on the sand dunes were matched by her fundraising too as her original target of £1,500 was smashed. "I cannot believe the generosity that people have shown towards me and to British Blind Sport. It really has been inspiring and helped me hugely knowing that I was raising so much money for BBS." The current total stands at an amazing £2,900 and BBS fundraising manager, Ian Carr, said, "I cannot believe how Mandy even thought about this challenge let alone did it and the amount she has raised is testament as to how far she has pushed herself and is reward for her significant fundraising efforts. We're overjoyed by the amount that's been donated. 

"We want to send a huge thank you to Mandy for this donation, one of the biggest indivudal fundraisers we've had at BBS and unbelievably, Mandy has put her name down for the 2017 Marathon Des Sables! If she gets in, there's no doubt that this superwoman will do it."