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Tennis Foundation Visually Impaired Coach Representative required

Tennis foundation Visually Impaired Advisory Group

VI Coach Representative required – June 2017

The Group is looking for a Coach with experience & knowledge of working with players who are blind or partially sighted to join the Group and help us to drive forward Visually Impaired tennis within GB. It is important to have the view point of coaches from a coach’s point of view and we now have a space available on the group that needs to be filled. Ideally the coach would be based in the Midlands or North region as we currently have a coach based south of the country to get a geographical spread.

The long term aspiration of the Group is to develop a strong player base, coaching and volunteering opportunities to continue to build on the work to date by the Tennis Foundation and a number of VI tennis groups across the country. So far the number of players participating has grown significantly with now 229 weekly players and 455 monthly players involved across 215 tennis venues participating in the Tennis Foundation Network programme. This programme supports tennis venues and coaches with advice, specialist equipment, coach education and funding to grow VI tennis across GB.

The Coach Rep role duties include, but not limited to:

  • Disseminating information discussed within the Advisory Group out into the coaching community; rules, court sizes, tournament rules, coaching best practise etc
  • Gathering views of coaches, both with a visual impairment as well as non-disabled coaches delivering VI tennis, to bring back to the group for discussion
  • Responding to emails, letters etc. on queries relating to coaching VI tennis on behalf of the Tennis Foundation
  • Attending up to 4x VI Advisory Group meetings, however attending a minimum of 2x meetings
  • Being involved in any sub working groups as required
  • Advise on accessibility of any material the TF produces

We are looking for a coach who:

  • Is accredited with the LTA
  • Has a minimum of a level 2 coaching qualification, a level 3 qualification is desirable
  • Has a good understanding of the adaptations required to tennis to effectively coach blind and/or partially sighted players
  • Has a good network with coaches both in mainstream and VI tennis

The Tennis Foundation will support this voluntary role through expenses for travel to/from the meetings (if travel is over 1.5hrs from home or workplace).

Closing date 28th July

To submit your application, please contact Jill Osleger, National Disability Development Manager,

D: +442084877011