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Acquired vs congenital

People who have acquired their condition

“I only take part because I want to hold on to that one thing that I did before I lost my sight.”

Those who acquired their conditions had a frustrated attitude towards sport. Several participants aged under 25 years old, said they only told trusted friends and families about their impairment. They didn’t like being labelled as disabled.

Some of our participants believed attitudes towards them would change if their impairment was known. They were concerned that they may lose the confidence or the opportunity to participate against their sighted friends.

People with a congenital condition

Our participants who have had their impairment since birth were more ‘matter of fact’ about their condition and how it impacts their sporting activities. These participants were more confident in travelling on public transport and accessing local facilities.

These people were more likely to have an established network of visually impaired friends and awareness of support organisations, compared to those who acquired their condition.