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Case study: Kiran Kaja

Kiran is a passionate cricketer. The sport was one of his only outlets during his sheltered childhood in India. During an awareness day for blind cricket in Calcutta, Kiran fondly remembers playing cricket alongside Kapil Dev, a former captain of the Indian national team. That experience made Kiran more determined to play sport and emphasised the importance of role models, whether they are sighted or visually impaired.

“I am lucky where I live; Berkshire County Blind Society actively promotes sport and [has] an established infrastructure.”

Kiran now lives in Reading and continues to play cricket with the Berkshire Stags VI cricket club. He credits Berkshire County Blind Society for providing a variety of sporting opportunities. The society’s Get Active Sports Club was launched to provide visually impaired people with the same sporting opportunities as their sighted peers. To assist their participants with travel issues, the society has a network of volunteers and minibuses.

There is often a perception that Kiran should have a carer because he is blind. In reality, a carer is not always needed. Kiran highlighted that organisers should not rely on family members to support a visually impaired relative.