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Case Study: Rosemary Howell

Rosemary has been blind since birth and did not take part in sport when she was at a mainstream school. During school, she was told that sport wasn’t something she could participate in. This message was used consistently by the school and Rosemary began to believe it.

Rosemary moved on to a college for visually impaired people and took up goalball. After only 3 months, her lecturer suggested she participate in her first tournament. However, after her negative experiences in mainstream school, Rosemary initially refused. The lecturer was able to convince her and she throughly enjoyed the competition. 

Rosemary believes it was her lecturer’s encouragement and belief in her sporting ability that gave her the confidence to take part. 

“Playing sport internationally was just not something I ever thought I would do.“ 

Since this initial competition, Rosemary has played for the Great Britain goalball team. Even after representing her country, Rosemary would not class herself as someone interested in sport. She is more interested in having an enjoyable time, learning new skills and improving her fitness