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Case study: Todd Morgan

Todd is a keen footballer and plays for the Royal National College for the Blind’s football team. He enjoys the challenge of playing in competitions and developing his skills.

However, Todd has not always been confident. Prior to college, Todd was taught in a pan-disability unit at a mainstream school. He was often bullied by his peers for being part of that unit. This made Todd feel bad and stopped him from participating in sport.

“When it came to football during [mainstream education], I was made to just sit on a bench.”

Since joining the specialist college, Todd has flourished and regularly plays football, cricket and goalball. By playing alongside people with similar impairments, Todd has gained confidence and improved his sporting abilities.

As he reaches the end of this college education, Todd is concerned about the limited sporting opportunities outside the college. He feels that access to information about sporting opportunities for visually impaired people is a major barrier.