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Travel Barriers

“Transport is a really big issue.”

Expensive Travel

Relying on public transport can be very expensive for blind and partially sighted people. Also, there can be additional travel costs for guides who accompany them.

Solution: Highlight public transport discounts

Visually impaired people can be eligible for free or discounted travel on public transport. Recommend these links to your participants:

There may also be local community transport options in certain areas across the country.

Solution: Blue Badge scheme

Many may not realise, but severely sight impaired people can take advantage of the car parking Blue Badge scheme for their driver.

Lack of Sighted Guides

Some visually impaired people do not have carers or family members who can accompany them to events.

Solution: Guide Partnership

Guide Dogs run a scheme that matches a visually impaired person with a trained guide volunteer. Recommend this scheme to your participants:

We are in the early stages of working with Guide Dogs to develop a service designed to increase the number guide volunteers in the sporting sector.

Local charities and blind associations may also have volunteer guide programmes.

Timings of Scheduled Activities

Public transport times do not always suitably align with scheduled activities. While we can’t control public transport, it is important to consider the impact on your provision.

Solution: Consider public transport limitations

Where possible, select venues that are close to transport links such as train stations or bus stops.

Before deciding on the timings of your activities, check the arrival times of trains and buses to ensure there won’t be any major problems.