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What is visually impaired Athletics?

Athletics for people with visual impairments is not like the other sports we organise; it’s a group of 16 different events that require different physical and mental abilities. The basis of the athletics events available to blind and partially sighted people is running, jumping or throwing.

Where can I take part in visually impaired Athletics? 

I want to get started

Getting involved in athletics is easy. You can join a local club or just start running around the block or in a nearby park. But, with either option, we want to help you.

Liz Purbrick is the National Disability Manager for England Athletics. If you want to get started with athletics, then she is the woman to contact! You can email her on


Did you know there might be a weekly running event every Saturday near you? Parkrun are free, weekly 5km timed runs around the country. You can learn more by visiting the Parkrun website.

I want to compete

British Athletics: Parallel SuccessLike the thought of having a gold Paralympic medal being drapped around your neck? Then you might want to start competing in athletics.

British Athletics will be able to help identify talent, find a coach and share relevant information about how to reach the elite level. If you want to compete, fill in this form and British Athletics will get in touch.

To compete in athletics for people with visual impairments, you will need a sight classification. This ensures all of the athletes are participating in a fair and equal competition. Classifications can often be expensive, but if you become a British Blind Sport member, sight classifications for national competitions are included for free!

Guide Running

If you are blind or partially sighted and are looking for a guide in your area, please check out Find a Guide.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a guide runner and enabling blind or partially sighted people to get active please check out this information.

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